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Historic Signing

A first of its kind signing has occurred between the Lhoosk’uz Dene Nation, Ulkatcho First Nation, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, and the BC Environmental Assessment Office. Today we have entered into an agreement that allows us to collaborate with the Federal and Provincial governments on New Gold Inc. Blackwater Gold project environmental assessment.

The agreement moves us from merely being consulted and into a position where we are collaborating and inserting our voice into the process. Not only do we get to hold the pen during the  drafting of Part C, but we’re also providing considerable input on the content of Part C.


Lhoosk’uz Dené Nation Pow Wow & Cultural Event

“Our Grandfathers have come together and smoked on this matter for many moons and now this day has come.”

This years 4th Annual honouring the Youth Lhoosk’uz Pow Wow & Cultural event was a great success!  This Year all of the nations came together to make this a successful event! Traditional knowledge and stories were shared throughout the gathering. The main showcase was to show the youth’s success and how hard they have worked throughout 2013. The Lhoosk’uz Pow Wow & Cultural event was held on August 9th – 11th 2013 on the sacred grounds of Lhoosk’uz Dené Nation IR#1, where future events will also be held. Fabulous music, beautiful dancers and much laughter was shared and felt throughout the weekend. The chosen youth dancers danced alongside the host drum group “Four Stones” where singers and drummers sang together with many enthusiastic guests and elders. The Lhoosk’uz dancers performed many different types of dances which included: fancy shawl, jingle, grass, traditional, and inter tribal dancing. The beat of the drum, heart, and feet “all beat as one” as they danced in the newly rebuilt arbor. A 50/50 draw and Raffle tickets were also sold and half of all the proceeds went to the Lhoosk’uz Dené Pow Wow.

50/50 Winner –Bernard Chantyman!

Raffle Tickets

1st Prize – Nicole Boucher!

2nd Prize – Elvis Jimmie!

3rd Prize – Samantha Elkins!

Many thanks to all the sponsors, volunteers, RCMP and those who have donated their time and effort!

*To view the 2013 Lhoosk’uz Dené Nation Pow Wow Photo Gallery Click here*

The Newly Rebuilt Arbor!

The Arbor was successfully rebuilt in time for the 4th Annual Lhoosk’uz Dené Nation Pow Wow & Cultural Event.Kluskus 0041 (800x444)

Preparation For Kluskus Pow Wow

Lhoosk’uz Dené Nation is gearing up for the 2013 Pow Wow! The original Arbor in Kluskus had collapsed, but the members of the community are working hard to have the new Arbor complete by the time of the Pow Wow on August 9th – 11th!


Christmas in Kluskus

The Kluskus children performed a Christmas carol for their families and friends to end the school period for time of rest, family time, and holiday spirit. They were also greeted by a very special guest last Christmas, Santa Klaus who was sure to bring the Christmas spirit.IMG_3739 IMG_3747

International Indigenous Conference

Many members of the Kluskus Band took part in the annual International Indigenous Leadership Gathering in Lillooet in 2009.  Many important speakers come to bring their own personal vision to the Gathering including; Spiritual Healers, Humanitarians, Artists and Social Activists such as David Suzuki, seen here with Junie Baptiste of the Kluskus community. IMG_1267 IMG_1266 IMG_1260 IMG_1254 IMG_1198 IMG_1194 IMG_1186

Maureen Boyd’s Blackwater Experience



Maureen Boyd a member of the Lhtako Dené Nation sat down with us today after her return from a two week shift in the blackwater camp as an assistant to the head chef there.  Serving between 75 and 100 people, two to three times daily, Maureen works split shifts, two weeks in and then two weeks out.  She marveled at the quality of food and accommodations provided for employees… “it was amazing, if I could stay out there all year round I would. Nice clean rooms with my own TV! It was so nice out there, I couldn’t find a single thing to complain about”, she told us.

More and more job opportunities are popping up, especially for the aboriginal communities nearby. Members of the Bands are encouraged to apply! Maureen said she also got to go on her very first helicopter ride which she found incredibly enjoyable. It seemed as though Maureen’s experience was great overall! She really encourages others to come out!


Now Announcing the 4th Annual Gathering and Pow Wow in Kluskus!!!

Now Announcing the 4th Annual Gathering and Pow Wow in Kluskus!!!

  This August everyone is welcome to attend the Lhoosk’uz Dené Nation’s  annual Gathering and Pow Wow from Thursday, August 9th to Sunday, August 11th. The Pow Wow will take place on the beautiful Kluskus reserve. Come and enjoy traditional music, singing and dancing. Activities will include 50/50 draws, raffles, and cultural family events!

For Directions Please call (250)-992-3290 or contact us by email at !

      E V E R Y O N E   I S   W E L C O M E!!!!


Regalia making in Kluskus!


This past week the children from the Kluskus school made beautiful regalia! The beautiful and brilliant dance outfits that the kids wear to Pow Wows have a very personal story to tell. Each piece of the regalia signifies something unique and special to the dancer and may be a treasured heirloom passed down through the generations.


His Honour visits Kluskus!


On June 2, His Honor Lieutenant Governor Steven L. Point of British Columbia and Bob Blacker, Rotary International and former Lieutenant Governor (2008-2009), along with Rotary Club members of Quesnel, Liz Neave, Steven Rollins, Keith Corbett, Rebecca Beuschel of Quesnel Literacy and Jadyn Koldeweihe Miss Tré Spa a candidate for Miss Quesnel, travelled to Lhoosk’uz Dené Nation (Kluskus) to have dinner with the elders and band members.

During the visit, the Lieutenant Governor and Rotary Club members met with the school children and presented them with books from the Quesnel Literacy Program.  The visiting dignitaries commented they had never seen such an organized and structured class room.

The Lieutenant Governor drummed and sang while the school children sang O Canada in Carrier. The whole community and visitors also sang happy birthday to the community’s oldest elder Matilda Chantyman who turned 95, June 3. Organizers of the visit thanked everyone for travelling to Lhoosk’uz Dené Nation (Kluskus).


Here is His Honour Lieutenant Governor Steven Point of British Columbia posing with our oldest Elder Matilda Chantyman.