Maureen Boyd’s Blackwater Experience



Maureen Boyd a member of the Lhtako Dené Nation sat down with us today after her return from a two week shift in the blackwater camp as an assistant to the head chef there.  Serving between 75 and 100 people, two to three times daily, Maureen works split shifts, two weeks in and then two weeks out.  She marveled at the quality of food and accommodations provided for employees… “it was amazing, if I could stay out there all year round I would. Nice clean rooms with my own TV! It was so nice out there, I couldn’t find a single thing to complain about”, she told us.

More and more job opportunities are popping up, especially for the aboriginal communities nearby. Members of the Bands are encouraged to apply! Maureen said she also got to go on her very first helicopter ride which she found incredibly enjoyable. It seemed as though Maureen’s experience was great overall! She really encourages others to come out!


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